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Confetti Show at the Wedding

Make Your Wedding Dance Memorable


Expert Guidance for Your
Special Day

First Dance Choreography

We know how special your first dance is. Our dance instructors can make sure you are prepared for this unforgettable moment with wedding dance choreography designed just for you.


As masters of choreography, we customize memorable and impressive dance routines to the music and dance style of your choice. Each plan is tailored to fit your needs based on your schedule, budget, and expectations for your first dance. 

It is our mission to make sure that you are comfortable and confident with every step you take together on this truly special occasion. We’ll make your wedding dance lessons the most fun part of the entire wedding planning process!

Loving Couple
Confetti Show at the Wedding

First Dance For Bridal Party, Father-Daughter, Mother-Son

We can also help with basic social dancing, choreograph a group routine for the bridal party, or a heart-warming mother-son or father-daughter dance with your parents!

All you need to do is have the most memorable and fun day of your life…we’ll take care of the rest!

Make Your Wedding's First Dance Special

  • Wedding planning can be stressful. Taking the time to enjoy the fun of dancing together can help strengthen your bond during the wedding organization process.

  • Learning to dance together takes trust in one another. Learning to intuitively move in unison is a great way to start the foundation of your marriage.

  • By learning with us, we ensure that you will feel comfortable and confident, moving gracefully and smoothly during your very first dance as a married couple.

  • As you practice dancing together before the event, you will build confidence and will both be ready for the big day.

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