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Ballroom Dancing

Join our Pro-Am Competitive Program:

Training with true professionals, you have no option than to become just like them! Our program is designed to help you achieve all competitive goals.

- Training Smooth, Ballroom, Latin, Rhythm Dances

- Weekly technique group classes

- Private Lessons with our experienced teachers

- Coaching to help your competitive couple succees

- top guest instructors in the industry

- Full support and coaching at the competitions

Competitive Ballroom Dancing is the perfect combination of art and sport. It is regarded in Europe, Usa and Asia as one of the highest honors in sports.

Rigorous yet pleasurable training helps the body develop strength and control at an accelerated pace. The thrill of DanceSport Pro/Am Competitions is the fastest way to improve your dancing skills.

Experience the Thrill of Competition

The Mister Dancing dance studios’ ownership team is comprised of former National and World Champions. The discipline, winning mentality, superior knowledge, hard work, dedication, and skill set required to produce champion quality dancers is at the core of our foundation. Most of our instructors are current or former competitors and train every day at our industry leading dance sessions to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of dance education.

Mister Dancing Studios has produced National Champions and Finalists in the Pro-Am division of competitive Ballroom Dancing, winning Top Teacher and Top Studio awards along the way.

Dancing in Red

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